Bowling centre management

We are the market leader in administration and booking software for the bowling industry. The advanced booking system is designed to digitise and simplify processes, streamlining your business and giving your guests the best overall experience.

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Advanced booking software for bowling centre administration

Unique calculation of placement and lanes

Who should play when, and where should the breaks be placed to make the best use of capacity? 

This can be a complicated calculation on a busy day with large parties spread across multiple lanes or activities. FlexyBox Bowling Centre Management is the only system on the market that masters this. 

The setup is tailored to your centre and your needs, saving enormous resources on planning. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to do without it.

Differentiated lane prices

Sometimes it’s an advantage to have different prices at different times of the day. 

The Bowling Centre Management system calculates the price when booking a lane, and staff do not have to manually take into account the time, date, public holidays, etc. 

This significantly reduces the risk of error on a busy day and saves time on every booking.

Put together offers and packages

Put together great offers or packages, for example, for children’s birthday parties. 

For example, a package could include bowling + buffet + gift bag + play area + sweets. It can all be booked online in advance, and the bill includes the whole package from the start. 

It minimises typing errors, saves time and generates additional sales.

"Flexybox simply covers all our needs"

Lene Høj Larsen

Director, Bowl’n’Fun

Bowling Centre Management includes a lot of features that save time and provide a professional and smooth management of the lanes:

Visual lane plan

Get an easy and time-saving overview of the day in the built-in visual lane plan. You can see unpaid/paid lanes, lanes with open bills, whether parties have arrived and much more without opening the reservations. You get the whole overview via icons on the reservations.

Set up participants from home

When making reservations, the names of the lanes can be easily entered so that they are ready. Guests can also enter the names themselves when booking online or directly on the information screen at the lane. The game gets going quickly and the guests feel well received.

Clubs and multi-bookings

Give clubs the best service by creating bookings that automatically repeat at a fixed interval. The club will be invoiced once a month for all games and any additional purchases.

Locker hire

Provide your customers with secure storage for their belongings so they can concentrate on the game. The system handles renting of lockers, which is automatically added to the bill.

Unique switching between game types

The system effortlessly juggles between different game types, such as American bowling and disco bowling.

Table reservation

Table reservations can be made directly from Bowling Centre Management.

Speed bowl

Make a reservation and start a lane in 10 seconds if you want to get started quickly!


Direct integration for invoice creation – saves time during the workday.

Info screens

The system can be set up to display special offers, enter lane names, etc. on the site’s info screens.

We integrate to your systems

Flexybox can deliver an operating system with a wealth of options; what we don’t offer ourselves, we have an integration for it. 

We integrate with all common IT systems on the market, ensuring that you can continue to use the systems you already know and are comfortable with.

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