A booking system for fitness that optimises the management of your gym

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A complete fitness booking system

Make it easy to manage your sports club or fitness centre.

With FlexyMember, you can create an overview of your members, team schedules and bookings, as well as charges and key figures for your business.

Our system has been developed based on many years of experience in the fitness industry and is designed with the member in mind.

It helps to digitise the daily work processes and creates a personal experience for your members characterised by good service.

What you get
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An in-depth look at key figures for your business

The intelligent reporting tool helps you identify relevant focus areas for optimising your business.

You can create fitness focus reports, ftrack membership statistics and churn rates, and fget an overview of team occupancy and labour costs.

Taken together, the insights create the potential for growth as you take targeted actions to advance your business.

Easy and clear member administration

FlexyMember makes it possible to manage all types of teams and contracts in one system.

With our smart team booking system, you can easily manage team activities for your members.

You can create everything from season tickets, season teams and waiting lists to parent/company memberships, promotions and grant agreements. Individual memberships can be tailored to your business.

It simplifies administration and frees up time to spend on your members.

Intelligent attendance detection via door integration

With door integration, you always have an up-to-date overview of attendance in your centre.

You can see your members’ attendance lists, activities, membership status, and attendance history.

You, therefore, always know who is present in your centre at any given time. It allows you to optimise your team scheduling, membership composition and staff capacity.

Easy handling of collections

The built-in billing system lets you manage all your bills and payments.

You can customise contract templates and billing dates to suit your business brand and needs. You can easily manage composite memberships, the use of discount cards and additional purchases on membership cards.

It provides an overview of the status of payments, facilitates the work with collections and supports the maintenance of a healthy business.

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Fitness centre

One or more locations

FlexyMember is built up of a number of modules and can be put together according to your needs and the size of your business.

Our basic system has all the key features your business needs, and the bigger your centre gets, the more you can expand the system.

FlexyMember can be easily integrated across your business if you are a chain with multiple locations, giving you an overview of each location and the overall business.

Design your own loyalty app - tailored to your gym

With FlexyMember, you can offer your members FlexyLoyalty, which is an easy-to-use app that makes it simple for members to manage team bookings.


Customised rostering system for your centre

Add the FlexyPlan module, and you can save a lot of valuable time on staff management, such as scheduling shifts and recording meeting times. It is also easy to run correct payroll, as both hourly and team instructors’ time is recorded electronically.

Streamline your workflows and build a healthier business

Bring all your systems together in a single entity

Simplify administration and streamline workflows by consolidating your entire operation into one system. It gives more time to your members.

With the FlexyMember management system, you also automatically have the FlexyPos, making it easy to serve members.

You can also add our rostering system FlexyPlan, which optimises staff management, and our digitised info screen FlexyMedia, which inspires and motivates members.

You consolidate multiple systems into one fitness system, optimising daily operations and giving you more time to provide the best experience for your members.

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Activity centre

With Flexybox, you can manage both activity and resource bookings and combine activities in a single booking system. It simplifies your tasks, so you can spend your time delivering a consistent, high-quality experience to your guests.

Fitness centre

With Flexybox, you can bring together membership management, team booking and rostering in one system. It provides visibility and reduces the time you spend on operations, so you can focus on delivering a great, personalised service to your members.


With Flexybox’s complete operations system, you can manage everything from seating plans and online booking to rostering and stock management. By optimising your daily operations, you free up time to create the best experience for your guests.

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