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We create the future booking software

A system based on industry insight

We have a curious approach to the development of booking and management software. This means that we continuously work to innovate and optimise our solutions to create the most value for our customers.

We always strive to approach each development task from a holistic perspective, which includes a keen focus on customer needs and wants. Our curiosity is thus a fundamental part of the user-centric approach that underpins every product in the Flexybox system.

With our wall-to-wall management system, you can streamline your workflows while retaining full visibility of essential metrics for your operations. 

Taken together, this gives you the best foundation for building a healthy business based on happy and satisfied customers.

All your operational tasks in one system

What are the benefits of having one operating system rather than several?

Digitising complex and time-consuming processes in your daily operations saves time in the first place. 

Time that you free up to concentrate on all the other tasks that are also an important part of your business. 

When operations are consolidated in one system, the interconnection of your workflows helps to make your work more efficient. 

The individual products in our solution are linked across the system, minimising duplication of effort while you retain a full overview of all processes in your everyday life.

This forms the basis for building and maintaining a healthy business.

Our history

The positive development of Flexybox can be attributed to our industry experience, great insight into customer needs and continuous efforts to keep up to date with new technology.

Flexybox has roots back to 1989, when the company DSD Booking was founded. The company developed software for the bowling industry, and created the foundation of the FlexyBook booking software, which today is one of our core products.

Flexybox was established in 2002, and hereafter was the booking system FlexyBook introduced to the market. The booking system was revolutionary, as the solution could handle all kinds of complex booking needs in a modern activity centre, including activity cross-booking, table booking and online booking. FlexyBook is today the leading bowling management system in the Nordic region.

In line with the growing demand for user-friendly booking solutions, our system has been expanded to handle all operations and administration within the restaurant and fitness sector.

We currently serve approximately 500 customers across three industries. Our products are continuously developed in collaboration with our customers, and that’s why we can offer a system that meet all the needs of a modern operation whether you are a restaurant, a fitness or bowling and/or activity center.

Read more about what we can offer in each industry here; activity centres, restaurants and fitness centres.

Our products

Our product portfolio consists of a range of products that can be tailored to your needs to suit your business.

We offer FlexyBook – a unique booking system for activity and bowling centres.FlexyPOS – a complete POS system for the café and restaurant industry. FlexyMember – an intelligent member management system for gyms.

In addition, the system includes a number of modules that can be purchased as needed, so you only need one system to manage the entire digital operation of your business.

Read our Terms and Conditions

Are you interested in reading our Terms and Conditions or Data Processing Agreement you can download it here. 

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Which industry do you belong to?

We have solutions and optional products to suit all businesses, whatever their size.

See all the benefits of consolidating your systems into one solution:

Activity centre

With Flexybox, you can manage both activity and resource bookings and combine activities in a single booking system. It simplifies your tasks, so you can spend your time delivering a consistent, high-quality experience to your guests.

Fitness centre

With Flexybox, you can bring together membership management, team booking and rostering in one system. It provides visibility and reduces the time you spend on operations, so you can focus on delivering a great, personalised service to your members.


With Flexybox’s complete operations system, you can manage everything from seating plans and online booking to rostering and stock management. By optimising your daily operations, you free up time to create the best experience for your guests.


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You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like a demonstration of our industry-specific solutions.

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